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Jet Peel treatment is the latest innovative treatment, with  water jet and air. Can be used to treat the face, and body.
Running water (saline solution is used):
• cleans;
• moisturizes skin;
• improves sanguin and lymphatic circulation;
• oxygenates and tones;
• gives to  your skin healthy and bright looking;
It is used to treat:
• active acne;
• acne scars, postoperative;
• wrinkles (skin rejuvenation);
• stretch marks;
• cellulite;
• scalp treatment (diffuse hair loss, seborrheic process).


  • Fotografierea pacientului inainte de de efectuarea interventiei chirurgicale
  • Expunerea vizuala a actualei si viitoarei imagini / trasarea liniilor viitoare ale procedurii operatorii
  • Consultatia post operatorie
  • Fotografierea pacientului post operator (activitate fotografica)
  • Asezarea in pagina a imaginii pacientului ante si post operator
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