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Gynaecomastia is an aesthetic reduction of male breast augmentation in volume.

The reasons why this condition is encountered are diverse: it may be a hormonal response to an excess of estrogen or a lack of testosterone and may occur in all ages.

Gynecomastia may also occur for hereditary reasons or obesity.

When gynecomastia occurs in elderly men, the causes may be different and include liver or lung cancer, liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism or other hormonal problems.

Excessive use of alcohol or drugs can also lead to this condition.


• It may be a hormonal response to an excess of estrogen or a lack of testosterone;

• Hereditary reasons or obesity;

• In elderly men, the causes may be different and include: liver or lung cancer, liver cirrhosis, hyperthyroidism or other hormonal problems;

• Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Men for whom this procedure is recommended are:

• In a good health condition and does not suffer from a medical condition delaying the healing process;

• Physically healthy and having a relatively normal weight;

• Have a chest development that has stabilized;

• Are disturbed and embarrassed by the appearance of their chest;

• Suffer from physical discomfort due to the protrusion of their chest;

• Is in this situation for at least one year or more;

• Are not smokers or drug users;

• Have good skin elasticity;

• Have positive thinking and well-defined objectives to improve their own image through the operation.

The best way to determine if this procedure is also recommended for you is to arrange a consultation with Mr. Dr.


The traditional male breast reduction technique uses an incision around the areole to allow excision of underlying breast tissue. This procedure is especially intended for the removal of mammary glandular tissue and adjacent fat. It is not a complicated procedure and is considered to have minimal risks, but involves a rest period of exercise for 2 weeks to minimize bruises and allow rapid recovery.


Gynecomastia occurs under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Using a procedure that minimizes scarring, an incision is made under the arm. A special cannula will be inserted into this incision and the liposuction will begin by aspirating the fat from the chest.

For the best post-operative results, it is important for the patient to have elastic skin so that as the healing process progresses, the skin will flush on the new contours of the chest.

If skin elasticity is not sufficient, in older patients or those with a very protruding chest it is necessary to supplement gynecomastia and an excitement of the surrounding skin.

The incision is then bandaged and a compression garment or elastic bandage will be worn to minimize swelling and echinosis and support the new contour of the body in the healing process.

In some cases a thin tube will be inserted under the skin to drain excess fluid.

After your gynecomastia, you will be followed at regular intervals to control the healing process and ensure that you get the best results.


Post-operator there will be swelling and bruising located in the operating area. Discomfort and pain will be controlled by prescription analgesics. It is also recommended to wear compression garments or elastic bandage for the next few weeks to reduce swelling and to adjust the skin to the new chest contour. Although the results will be visible almost immediately, swelling will prevent evaluation of the final results. These will be visible within a few weeks of the operation.

Most patients will be able to resume their current activities in 2-3 days. Light exercise can be started 2 weeks after surgery, normal physical program may be resumed within about one month of surgery.


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