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Otoplasty (ear correction) the purpose of the surgery is to bring closer ears to the head or to make them smaller. Usually the ears are asymmetrical, one being more off than the other, also there may be differences of magnitude between the two ears. The goal of surgery is to restore this symmetry, or make them look symmetric.

Which patients may benefit from Surgery?
The operation is done after the age of 14-15 years, when the size of the ear is close to that of an adult. It is recommended to perform such surgery before the patient goes to (kindergarten, school), to avoid psychological trauma due to bad attitude of others. It is desirable that the child wants the operation for himself because they are more cooperative and thus more satisfied with the result.

Surgery risks
There is no surgery without risks. When the operation is done by an experienced surgeon, complications are rare and usually minor. There are differences between patients with regard to healing ability so the outcome is never completely predictable. In a small percentage may appear small blood clot behind the ear, the small incision or infection localized to the skin or cartilage, which is treated with antibiotics.

Preoperative Indications
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the operation, it is prohibited to take aspirin and drugs at least for 2 weeks before the surgery.
Normally the surgery in women must be performed when they are out of menstrual period;
You must notify your surgeon and anesthesiologist if you have medical problems (hypertension, vascular problems, heart failure, diabetes, lung problems, bleeding problems, epilepsy, neurological problems, allergies to various medications);
Should tell your doctor if you wear dentures or contact lenses;
If you smoke you must plan giving it up for at least 1-2 weeks before surgery and additionally 2 weeks after the surgery;
Avoid extra sun exposure before the surgery, especially facial region;
Do not follow a strict diet before the surgery because it may delay healing, if you catch a cold or make any infection, the surgery should be postponed.

Surgery as a process
The operation takes approx. 1 hour. The incision is made behind the ear to expose the cartilage. Subsequently, using absorbable thread, cartilage is being remodeled by stretching toward the head. After checking the homeostasis, the skin is sutured.

Children may return to the community after a week (but should be monitored during the first month) on the other hand adults may resume work after 2-3 days.

The results of this operation are very good, but you should not expect that after the surgery your ears are going to be perfectly symmetrical, which is rather absurd. Let us not forget that normally there is a difference between your right hand and the left one and in the same manner your legs are, eyes and so on….


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