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INTRODUCTION - liposuction is a method consisting of removing fat deposits from areas that are genetically programmed to modify the aesthetics - the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen - for women, abdomen, hips, particularly in men. This is not a method of loosing weight, but a shaping and "sculpturing" of the body. This type of operation is considered the USA's most popular cosmetic surgical intervention.

What patients may benefit from liposuction? - From liposuction may benefit patients with near normal body weight, elastic skin, physically and mentally healthy, but with excess fat deposits located in certain areas. Although age has no importance, however, the old skin is not as elastic and no longer can get as good aesthetic results.

Surgery risks - There is no surgery without risks. Complications of the post liposuction surgery are usually rare especially considering the fact that patients are carefully chosen; in addition there is a well equipped operating room and also an experienced surgeon. We recommend that you ask for this operation to experienced esthetician surgeons that possess necessary equipment.

INDICATIONS PREOPERATIVE - do not eat or drink anything after midnight before the operation, it is prohibited the administration of aspirin or any other type of drug for at least the 2 weeks before the surgery, women should be in operation outside the menstrual period, you must notify your surgeon and anesthetist if you have medical problems (tension, vascular problems, heart conditions, diabetes, lung problems, bleeding problems, epilepsy, neurological problems, allergies to various drugs) you should also tell your doctor if you wear contact lenses denture or if you smoke, you must be ready to give it up for at least 1-2 weeks before surgery and at least 2 weeks after the surgery, avoid excess sun expose before the operation, in particular the region that you want to operate, do not be on diets before the operation because it can delay healing, if you catch a cold or make any infections, in all these cases the surgery should be postponed.

SURGERY - liposuction can be done with general anesthesia with intravenous anesthesia supplemented with local anesthesia or meninges anesthesia. The operation takes about one hour for an area. The type of anesthesia is determined by the anesthetist after a discussion with the patient. Scars are hardly visible and do not present an aesthetically problem. Modern techniques include injection of the aspirated area with a liquid containing diluted anesthetic to reduce postoperative discomfort and the adrenaline, to reduce bleeding. These techniques are called “tumescent liposuction”. Immediately after the liposuction, areas are dressed with compression bandage to prevent hematoma formation.
POSTOPERATIVE RECOVERY - After discharge, the wires are removed at 5-6 days after surgery. Must wear pants of elastic material, particularly, or the elastic belt to help retraction of excess skin and uniform arrangement (series Marena). Bumps and bruises usually disappear within 3 weeks, rarely persisting for 1-2 months. Final result is visible after 3 months. Normal activities can be resumed in more than a week.

CONCLUSIONS - To lose weight, the most appropriate methods are diet and exercise. The initial discussion with the patient, the doctor would firstly recommend diet and fitness.


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